Design and Build has become more prevalent as the preferred form of contract in the construction industry over recent years. AMA have gained many years experience working with contractors of all sizes on a variety of projects ranging from multi-million pound developments to single houses. Our philosophy when working with contractor clients can be categorised into four key areas:

Creativity and Problem Solving

We discuss the brief with the contractor to establish the preferred method of construction. We then design a building that fits the brief, provides a cost effective solution, improving efficiency, smoothing the flow of production information and improving build ability. We also help to identify cost savings where possible and with careful collaboration aim to design out potential problems from the outset.

Listening and Understanding

We understand that there are key commercial drivers for the contractor such as programme, risk management, cost efficiency and build ability which we can usually identify at the start of the design process. We then work proactively to respond to them whilst working to ensure that the quality of the design is not compromised.


We acknowledge that the dynamics of project team relationships has changed and as such the traditional hierarchies of leadership have shifted to a much flatter structure of collaborative working. As design team leader we acknowledge that we need to be proactive in the context of ensuring that the contractors key project drivers are delivered.

Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and Communication is key as it not only avoids costly errors but it also enables potential problems to be seen and dealt with at an early stage.